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Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater

The Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater is designed for household, as well as small commercial buildings such as small offices, schools, apartments etc.

The compressor used is Mitsubishi or Toshiba which is with durable features against high temperature and high pressure for long life. And the coaxial coil heat exchanger is durable for anti-corrosion, hard water, high pressure and unexpected freeze caused by power cut-off.

With reasonable structure and high efficient components, its COP state is in accordance with EN14511. And it is CE and CB certificated. So using it will reduce your electricity bill a lot and also assure you get grants from government.


  • Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater

    Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater

    Your best choice   for domestic hot water Domestic hot water heat pumps from Kolant intend to provide the most environmental solution for the generation of domestic hot water. By replacing the existed central hot water devices such as electric boilers, oil boilers etc, more than 70% of the energy required for domestic hot water can be taken form renewable source instead of electricity heating or fossil fuel burning. This almighty heat pump also can be used as an energy saving heating device in many places, e.g as a second heat source of a solar heating...