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What is a Pump?


Hotel Heat Pump Introduction
Heat pump technology is in the world in recent years is the focus of new energy technology. People are familiar with the "pump" is a kind of can increase the potential of mechanical equipment, such as pumps are mainly water from low to high pumping. It can also be used in hotel and its product is hotel heat pump.And "heat pump" is a kind of energy from the nature of the air, water or soil to obtain the low grade heat energy power, after work, to provide people with high grade heat energy device. Water from a height to the lower temperature, heat from the transfer to the low temperature object, this is the law of nature. However, in real life, in order to agricultural irrigation, water and other life needs, people use water from low to high. Similarly, in today's increasingly tense energy, in order to recover normally pumped into the atmosphere, low temperature heat discharged into the river in low temperature hot water in the heat, heat pump is used to transmit the heat energy of low temperature of objects in high temperature object, then the object of high temperature to heat water or heating, the heat can be fully utilized.

The Principle of Swimming Pool Heat Pump
The principle of heat pump and air conditioner, such as refrigerators working principle is basically the same, the flow through the media (formerly general as Freon, now replaced by substitute for Freon sky) in the evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve and other parts in the gas phase change (boiling and condensation) cycle to transfer the heat low temperature object high temperature object. As a natural phenomenon, as the water flow from a low height, the heat is always from a high temperature zone to low temperature zone. But people can create machines, like the water from low to high and the water pump, using the swimming pool heat pump can take the heat from low temperature to high temperature and suction. So heat pump is essentially a heat pump lifting device, the effect is from the surrounding environment to absorb heat, and passes it to the heated object (the higher temperature of the object), its working principle and refrigeration machine with the same, are in accordance with the inverse Kano cycle work, just have different operating temperature range is not the same.

The Working Process of Heat Pump
Pump at work, itself part of the energy consumption, environment medium of stored energy to mining, heat transfer through the medium circulation system improve the temperature of use, and the heat pump device consumes power only output power in a small part, therefore, the heat pump technology can save a large amount of high grade energy. In operation, the evaporator absorbs heat from the surroundings to the evaporative heat transfer medium, the working medium steam after being compressed by the compressor temperature and pressure rise, high temperature steam is passed through a condenser to condense into liquid, releasing the heat to the water in the water storage tank. After condensation heat transfer of refrigerant through the expansion valve is returned to the evaporator, and then evaporated, so move in circles.